Lamar County Primary School

Lamar County Primary School Building

Principal - Jeremy Hawkins

Principal - Jeremy Hawkins

Assistant Principal - Dr. Stephanie Nash

Assistant Principal - Dr. Stephanie Nash


Learn today to succeed tomorrow!


 Lamar County Schools will provide all students with an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for college, career, and life.

Our Beliefs

  1. Students are the first priority. Every decision and action must be based on the needs of our children.

  2. A safe and positive learning environment is critical for student, faculty, and staff success.

  3. Every employee of the Lamar County School System has a direct impact on student success. 

  4. The alliance between homes, schools, and the community promotes students’ success. 

  5. All Lamar County schools will provide a caring environment that embraces diversity, models respect, and develops responsibility. 

  6. All students can experience academic growth with engaging, rigorous, and individualized learning. 

  7. All students deserve well equipped, highly qualified, and motivated teachers who believe in each student’s ability to learn. 

  8. Families can support our schools’ goals by ensuring students attend school regularly; participate in school activities; and teach/model quality character, values, and behavior. 

  9. Our families and our community are integral to our students’ and our schools’ success. 

  10. Education improves the quality of life for all Lamar County residents.