Procedures for Public Participation in Board Meetings


Meetings of the Lamar County Board of Education are held to conduct the affairs and business of the school system. Although these meetings are not meetings of the public, the public is invited to attend all meetings. Members of the public are invited to address the Board at appropriate times in accordance with the following procedures:


  • Persons wishing to appear before the Board shall make such a request to the Superintendent’s Office by 12:00 noon on the day of scheduled board meetings. No notice is required for public hearings.
  • Matters concerning an individual student or staff member shall first be discussed with the principal of the school.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved at the school level, it shall then be brought to the superintendent’s office.
  • Individuals addressing the Board must limit their comments to three (3) minutes. Each speaker shall be heard only once. The Board shall allocate up to 30 minutes for public comments in scheduled board meetings and up to one hour during public hearings.
  • All presentations to the Board are intended for the Board to hear comments or concerns without taking action.
  • Presenters are expected to honor meeting decorum. Applause, cheering, jeering, or speech that defames individuals or stymies or blocks meeting progress will not be tolerated and may be cause for removal from the meeting or for the board to suspend or adjourn the meeting.
  • Names of students should not be mentioned. Inappropriate language is not permitted.
  • Board members do not provide responses or engage in direct conversation during public comment or hearings.




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